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GenCon 2017 Tourney Report 
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Post GenCon 2017 Tourney Report
Sorry for the big pictures I'm too lazy to edit them

I preordered my badge for GenCon 2017 way before I even knew if I could attend after articles began circulating that GenCon would indeed sell out due to high attendance for its 50th anniversary. Friday night before the tournament, my wife and I decided "for real for real" that I could attend the event as long as I hurried back home when it was over. So I struck out at around 7AM and embarked on the 5-hour drive from NE Ohio to Indianapolis.

As soon as I arrived I met some hometown friends and Josh (Slugman on the Temple) and his wife for lunch at the Ram. I was borrowing a few cards from Josh for the decks I brought with me - one for me, five to loan out. That's right, I had five loaners with me and Josh had even more. A few other players brought loaners as well. If anyone is reading this, don't let your outdated or nonexistent card collection keep you from showing up to roll dice and relive the memories - you can definitely show up and take your pick out of ten or fifteen loaners that people have with them. If you contact someone (me) ahead of time they'd probably be willing to build you whatever you want.

After a few errands and grabbing the cards from Josh's trunk, we sat down to play a couple of games (my first games since 2014?). I started off trying out a Kothkah uber deck using engines such as Bokos, Shattersteel Helm, and Loyalty's Reward for proper draw and Order of Battle, Rraven'a, and lots of level 4-5 ThRoG fighters for card advantage. We played like 2-3 games and I remembered that I shouldn't spend my one Warlord event a year playing a slow deck where I don't roll any dice other than initiative for the first 20 minutes. I switched to Rustiq and decided I liked it a lot better. Josh played a few games with Tavis Jape but decided he would be on some of his Syvonne Ashenstorm tech for the event.

Dinner happened.

Josh and I head to the event together around 7:30PM and find a table full of familiar faces - Chris Vac, AJ, Greg, Ray, Bryan, and others. I hand Greg (Kyn) Sanga Kish, Jared (Panda89) Stonefist Gargoyle, and Brian (LordOWar) Commander Kaiten - sorry, Brian. 8 o'clock rolls around and there's panic in the faces of the crew - where's Carter?! It turns out he was finishing up his finals match to become the 2017 Doomtown World Champion! Grats, Carter!

We start without him.


Round 1 - Juan - Adarymy Highlander-Not-Highlander

We sit down with a handshake and laugh about how we haven't played in years. He lays out his starting army and I'm wondering if it's a Carter loaner:

Glenn the Blaze/Scarlett
Llyr Militia/Brother Dominy/Something Else

Having not really played the Rustiq Umbala deck I'm running I just assume my Adarymy matchup is fine. I was hoping to basically play a grey-bordered Adarymy style but with a bit more resiliency due to recursion. It doesn't work out for me.

Both games I stave off the initial strikes with the Bone Golem/Skyyrek start (really regret that start), but I end up with recursion and nothing in the yard or having killed 0-1 of his characters with two copies of Shallow Graves in my hand.

Game 1, he draws a Brother D. and after both die (which requires all of my attention) fetches the third Brother D. I draw a Mass Blessing at some point but it just puts my guys at parity and costs me tempo. I lose in round 3-4 at which point Adarymy has "drawn 3-4 cards" or more specifically searched her deck for the best cards in it and put them into her hand.

Game 2, I have a turn with double Mass Blessing but only 3-4 guys up front to capitalize on it. I start to realize that my deck is very synergistic which can be a bad thing if you don't have the right mix of cards during the right situations. A hand of non-characters on turn 3-4 spells my doom.

I'm kind of scratching my head after the match. I saw Nephelas, Ryan Morningtons, Heavy Charger, Breastplate of Power, and Adarymy maneuvering forward every turn yet the games weren't even close. Juan played well (leading him to the finals), but my perspective after the match was that even if not built to perfection Adarymy is a house. Maybe too good?

Record: 0-1

Round 2 - Brian (LordOWar) - Commander Kaiten Cavalry

Sorry, Brian, this one's on me. Awhile before the tournament I decided that I wanted to show up with a deck for each faction and have a good mix of classes as well. I went on a brewing spree and a lot of funky stuff came out of it and I fell into Magical Christmas Land with a few of my lists, a place where everything goes exactly as you plan it. This led me to Castle Lorath and Embersmane out of Commander Kaiten. I didn't realize how fast this tournament would be, but it was, and playing a guy, equipping a steed, spending the steed, riding check the steed, spend the steed, maneuver to the front, swing next turn was just a tad too slow. Then you draw Castle Lorath while you're staring down a seven-wide front rank of beaters. Again, sorry Brian!

Game 1, I'm worried that cards like Raimund Aedroud, Sir Frances Degraves, etc. with 3HP and good AC might prove too much to chew through, but death by a thousand cuts slowly chips them down one wound at a time. My first hand is 5 characters which helped a great deal.

Game 2, the sequel, probably better called the repeat.

Record: 1-1

Round 3 - Drew Gunn (DevLukeLorian) - 4E Talin Tzin

This is the kind of numbskull I'm talking about (kidding, Drew). But really, anyone could have made or handed him an Ancients deck. I think he showed up last minute or something. For anyone unfamiliar with Talin Tzin the 4E decks used to start x2 Scarlett, x1 Aida, and run x3 Flurry of Knives. The dream is to shoot your own Aida, react, move forward, react with Scarlett, shoot again, move forward, react with the other Scarlett and take your final shot. It's the dream and requires both your deck and your dice to cooperate.

Game 1, Talin gets initiative and slams Flurry of Knives. His dice cooperate to a degree and I'm wishing I had double Infinity's End in my shirt pocket. For my first action I slam Mass Blessing. We whack at each other back and forth and Rustiq takes it.

Game 2, Talin gets initiative and slams Flurry of Knives. His dice don't cooperate and I'm wishing I had double Infinity's End in my shirt pocket. For my first action I slam Mass Blessing. We whack at each other back and forth and Rustiq clutches the W in the face of a 4E deck!

Yep, we both had identical opening actions in both games. Talin is a special flower. I've looked at building him in Ancients before and my lists don't ever make it much further than x1 Talin Tzin.

Record: 2-1

Round 4 - Josh (Slugman) - Syvonne Ashenstorm Secret Tech Blitz

I knew what he was up to. I didn't have all 50 cards memorized, but I generally knew to watch out for Goza and be careful picking fights that involved Angry Crew (seriously, those guys are salt factories - no chill).

Game 1, Josh draws his tech and I just decide not to swing into it because it's a headache figuring out the right lines to take at that point. I'll go all-in to stop an Angry crew but I'd rather wait a turn until Syvonne's shields are down. Game goes by pretty quickly during the second turn and ends sometime in the third.

Game 2, things are back and forth. Josh mentioned that the games were riddled with mistakes - the perks of playing only once or twice a year. Oh, Warlord, you beautiful yet cruel mistress. I see him start setting up for some Goza action (Rustiq Umbala is a bit on the weak side against spell-based ranged strikes) but my dice cooperate and his outs slip away.

Final Record: 3-1

Bonus Round - AJ (DeadlyPenguin9000) - Sir Rallen Strikes

I'm propositioned after four rounds crown our 4-0 winner (congrats Jared!) to play out the 3rd/4th place tiebreaker since both AJ and I are sitting at 3-1. I look across the table. Crap. If there's something you don't want to see with a Bone Golem Skyyrek start it's Rallen.

Game 1, he goofs and shoots a Bone Golem (AJ is well known as a DL runner for toying with his prey, though he more honestly was probably thinking about shrimp cocktails are the moment of the strike). I gladly toss it into the discard which at least lets me do something with my Skyyreks before they start falling. The game is fast, lots of strikes, I can't keep up with the strikes, Deverenian Courtiers are Riposting like crazy and it's over. The realms of the living conquer the dead. Just look at Rallen, it's like he's popping up out of some snow pile just outside of Eastwatch to peg a Walker with a dragonglass arrowhead:


Game 2, it's worse than the first game but I don't scoop. I make him work for his damn 3rd place tiebreaker. COME AT ME BRO. Stunned in the front at the middle of turn 2, Rustiq sits alone while several strikes fall short of their mark. We had a pretty sizable crowd for our game consisting of Greg and Josh and I appreciated their hype with every die roll threatening to deal the final blow. But at last the Planar Umbala brother amazingly died sometime during the third turn with me having a full grip of 5 cards that I couldn't play.

So we conclude the 12-man tournament with the following top 4:

1st - Stonefist Gargoyle - Jared
2nd - Adarymy - Juan
3rd - Sir Rallen - AJ
4th - Rustiq Umbala - Woodrow

Here's a look at AJ photo bombing the prize support which was shot glasses, Stolen Destinies sets, and promos:


The Warlords present were:
Stonefist Gargoyle
Sir Rallen
Rustiq Umbala
Cathel Rowan
King Xod
Syvonne Ashenstorm
Talin Tzin
Garn Hearthstone
Beastmaster Eladric
Commander Kaiten
Sanga Kish (Greg, who was running the tournament, brought Sanga out for a round to make the player count even)

The event was a great time. I struggled to keep my energy up during the tournament. I had driven there basically just for the event and been awake since forever, but I'm glad I did. Hopefully next year I'll be able to attend all four days of GenCon and be fresher.

Onto deck talk. Here's the Rustiq list I ran for the event:

1 Rustiq Umbala
2 Skyyrek
3 Bone Golem
3 Ardanaalis
3 Rethriel
3 Rotale Dythanus
3 Narasis
3 Kargaz Dythanus
2 Bone Fiend
1 Toren Yscar
1 Ayaaba Waverunner

3 Shallow Graves
3 Mass Blessing
3 Exhaustion
3 Paralysis Ward

3 Black Moss
3 Bloodstone Rose
2 The Maker's Call
2 Bascarite Mark
2 Chill's Razor
1 Altar of Flesh

Now at first this might look somewhat stock. The start is the same that Chaossnake has posted a few places in the Temple and the rest of the cards mostly follow, but man was this a pile. Common situations: You have two Shallow Graves in hand and they have zero or one character dead. You draw a hand with no characters and lots of recursion. You draw recursion but nothing of yours dies. You draw cards that kill your characters but you're on the back foot against an aggro deck.

Moving forward I would change a ton of things and go full-on proactive. I don't want to sit around and wait for my opponent to strike or have a card that is potentially dead on turn 1. I'd change the start completely, not a single Bone Golem or Skyyrek. I wouldn't fool around with much recursion, I'd just strike them out and be happy that my Warlord gives +2 to the squad, throws out Mass Blessings, and can actually nab two off of Shallow Graves. The only card that overperformed for me was Paralysis Ward, but I don't think I'd include it again despite how good it was.

Here's the Stonefist Gargoyle I lent out to Jared:

1 Stonefist Gargoyle
1 Viktor Amak
1 Arla Favorsight
3 Serpentscale Gargoyle
3 Icesecret Gargoyle
3 Nilrem
3 Opal Gargoyle
3 Magnite Gargoyle
3 Shadowstone Gargoyle
3 Limestone Gargoyle
1 Toren Yscar

3 Mass Blessing
3 Summon Gargoyle
3 Superior Armament

3 Sjonegaard's Mace
3 Bracers of Armory
3 Amulet of Waking
3 Signon's Armor
2 Helm of Terror
1 Bascarite Mark
1 Griffon of Misear

This is the list that won the event. Jared said it ran very well for him. His only comments were that Helm of Terror overperformed and that he'd drop the Signon's Armor - maybe for Scale Mail - and figure out a way to put in Sacrifice. I'm not sure if I brain-farted on Signon's armor's level when I built the deck or if I just wanted a card that a few decks had literally no way to beat. Moving forward I'm going to make the following changes:

-3 Signon's Armor
+2 Poultice Sack
+1 Scale Mail

Also worth mentioning is that Jared played the Stonefist deck the entire event and didn't notice that it was 100% proxied until I mentioned it to him at the end.

Here's the Sanga Kish deck I lent out to Greg:

1 Sanga Kish
2 Wailing Scrambler
3 The Devoted
2 The Emaciated
3 Winti
3 Redu Carr
3 Jackals of Mourn
3 Redu Bir
3 Bixvrexe
1 Toren Yscar
1 Archer Tower

3 From Dust to Dust
3 Incinerate
3 Fiery Bolts
3 Icy Surge
3 Soul Siphon

3 Ring of Vorn
3 Robe of the Planes
2 Red Wyrm's Egg
2 Necklace of Spell Storing

Greg only got to play one round with this deck and I'm not sure how his games went. The idea is to From Dust to Dust for Archer Tower and relentlessly strike at your opponent. The tech Soul Siphon. If you get Robe of the Planes out, between Robe and Sanga you can wound yourself twice per turn causing your spells to increase in potency. Then just cast a Soul Siphon every turn to gain the HP back and voila! You're doing some pretty cheesy stuff.

I never got to playtest the deck, so I hope it works, but it might need some work.

The final deck I lent out was Commander Kaiten. This is the story of a guy who got tunnel vision while traveling through Magical Christmas Land:

1 Commander Kaiten
1 Viktor Amak
1 Alexa Genecourt
3 D'Ilchant Keeper
3 Sir Raimund Aedroud
3 Sir Frances Degraves
3 Black Sun Knight
3 Count Vyacheslav
3 Theodore D'Ilchant
2 Revan
1 The Sable Knight
1 Toren Yscar

3 Loyalty's Reward
3 Reflect

3 Royal Chariot
3 Embersmane
3 Griffon of Misear
3 Verdatha Mount
2 Blacksnake Whip
1 Cutting Stone
1 Stormwolf

3 Castle Lorath

This deck is just to slow and the tempo loss of spending 12 levels of paladins to put in Castle is just horrendous. If you can stick it, you probably win the game, but Brian only managed to get it out once during the event. Without it, Embersmane isn't spectacular and should probably be Tranquility. But the whole deck probably just shouldn't exist because of how slow it is. Granted, you're throwing 17-18AC 3HP bodies forward to buy time, but with the types of bonuses that Adarymy, Rustiq, etc. get and the number of unopposed turns they have this kind of deck might just be too impractical. Not to mention there was a Stonefist in the room.

Greg, Josh, and I stuck around after everyone else scattered to challenge Helena Dascum (Josh brought cards for her to go infinite with - Nodwick, Cloak of Many Things, Belt of Champions so needless to say she didn't fall with us just using decks we had on-hand).

Josh's wife had taken the car back to their hotel that was 15-20 away, so I offered him a lift back to the hotel. We ended up struggling pretty hard to find my car around Salesforce Tower which shuts every entrance after a certain hour. I think I left around 2AM or so and stopped at a rest area after nodding off at the wheel. I think next year I'll just come for all four days of GenCon.

All-in-all the tournament was a lot of fun and a success - let's keep it going next year!


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there are five people on this website anymore, Woodrow: me you, Nihil, Wendy, and they guy who loves Trench as a warlord. You can't afford to disagree. WE NEED THESE TOURNEY KITS!!!!!

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Post Re: GenCon 2017 Tourney Report
Woah tho bro. That's a lot of writing!

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Post Re: GenCon 2017 Tourney Report
slugman wrote:
Woah tho bro. That's a lot of writing!

Top NoThRoG

2012 Kentucky Halloween Tournament - Top Elf
2014 Jeremiah Memorial Event - 2nd & Top FreeK
2017 GenCon Ancients Event - 4th & Top Elf
"We're just like Kevin Bacon!" - Anton Cyldragen
nilonka wrote:
there are five people on this website anymore, Woodrow: me you, Nihil, Wendy, and they guy who loves Trench as a warlord. You can't afford to disagree. WE NEED THESE TOURNEY KITS!!!!!

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Post Re: GenCon 2017 Tourney Report
Damn, you got me feeling now.

I wish we did something like that, need to contact my old partners...

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Post Re: GenCon 2017 Tourney Report
Just saw this post now. Good times, I wish I didn't have to bail to feed the wife pizza. lol It's ok though, its been years since we had any official events so just a few games was a pretty good reminder of how amazing the community was/is.

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