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Avoiding the pitfalls 
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Post Avoiding the pitfalls
Hello all. The recent dearth of d20 games around here -- which I solemnly lay at the feet of my dolt friend spreading 'the truth about 4th edition' and The Friend Eater, have left the baby birds hungry for their D&D fix, so I've decided to rise to the task by DMing the campaign of the Campaign Adventure Book (which I just got), and I'm excited to get started. Before I went barreling forward, however, I wanted to make sure I'm not going to trip on anything on the way.

To those who have run it before, I ask this: when you ran it or played in it before, did you encounter any problems, setbacks, or issues that you had to work around? Like, is there only a tenuous connection between adventures 8 and 9 that I'll need to shore up somehow, or something like that? It's just that I've had setbacks like that grind games to a halt before and I want to make sure I can finish this one. Any help you can pass on would be appreciated.

Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:32 pm
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Post Re: Avoiding the pitfalls
Read through the campaign beforehand. Daunting, yes, but you should be able to spot where a lot of the missing material that you'll have to develop yourself is (maps, and so forth).

Also, be prepared to have to scale up the stats of many of the NPCs considerably. As written, many of the bad guys are pathetic, far from a challenge to a hardened group of d20 heroes.

Laurence J Sinclair

Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:28 am
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Post Re: Avoiding the pitfalls
Yeah, balance is a concept that is lacking from several encounters.
On both ends, though -- some are cakewalks, some are nigh impossible (there are a couple of abyssal-focused combats that treat these impressively statted monstrosities as mere melee machines *sigh*).

Also, not only might you need connections from one adventure to the next (depending on the group and their general adventuring motivations), you will probably want to tailor parts of the adventures to your party's mix.
This just came up a couple months ago for our group, when the rogue quickly realized that scouting and searching was not expected by the author of one of the adventures - so it was kind of pointless for her to waste everyone's time making such attempts. But there was plenty of melee, which her character does not excel at, so the adventure was a huge let-down for her.

All that said, there's some good stuff there. Certainly a good feel for the campaign world. If your players can get into that (not all of us were familiar with the Accordlands before we started, a couple still aren't), I think they'll have a lot of fun.


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Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:38 am

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Post Re: Avoiding the pitfalls
I've read all the adventures in the book but still it's quite difficult to foresee everything.
Usually I reread the adventures of 1 or 2 tiers ahead.

At the start of the campaign I also put some extra background info on the charsheets. Players could choose what they wanted to play, and fill some background but I put some details in.
for example.
1) Human wizard was born in Stony Vale. (gives a nice tie-in to Tier IV)
2) Dwarven scout was looking for his friend Barrin in the temple of undying flame. He urges the players to come help the dwarves in the Abyssal adventures.
3) Deverenian Illusionist lives in Harranshee (tie in for Cardinal Ulloft) and his brother is commander of Sharn Keep. terror of sharn keep is a nasty adventures for a GM to make it plausible for the players to be there.
4) Elven druid had a tie in for the elven adventures from later tiers.
5) Nothrog Fighter was a personal guard of Nassiral Hate but has deserted.

Makes it more easy to move the characters around.

Still, it is difficult for the GM to connect the adventures. I plan to let the Medusan Ghoul Lord invade a country in the last stages of the campaign so he doesn't come completely out of the blue.

Don't know about Lord Blackthorn. Perhaps I'll let him be the main motivator of the pc's for the Deverenian adventures regarding the Dragon Keep and the Stormborn conversion.


Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:35 am
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Post Re: Avoiding the pitfalls
Excuse me while I butt in, however I have a question for people who have played through this before as well.

Being cryptic to avoid a player getting spoiled... a certain NPC is meant to do something to one of the players, but I can't find when or how. Can someone PM me?

Fri May 30, 2008 5:49 am
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