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Allisara - mm mm tentacles 
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Post Allisara - mm mm tentacles
Cataloging decks as I find them, this one is an EE Allisara deck...modeled as the distant ancestor of my Sorscha deck from Siege-era. Some cards in here are borrowed, or space holders for cards I couldn't afford.

Allisara deck

3x Brine Fiend
1x Dragon Lair
1x Allisara
1x Mourn Jackals

1x Isa the Tabernacle
1x Dinal
2x Ilar Rowan
1X Bryanne
1x Ivaas
1x Ssithiss
1x Nestor Price
1x Nightscale
1x Ssithiss, Sutek King
3x Sirenspawn
1x Arcane Qor-Teth
3x Ashreign
2x Deathwing

3x Ring of Vorn
3x Living History
2x Nostrum's Whisper
1x Smoke Imp
1x Orb of Dragonkind

3x Curse of Broken Spire
3x Phantom Steed
3x Consume from Within
3x Bribe
2x Summon Lesser Fiend

1x Nexus of Secrets

In many cases, within the first few actions, this deck was capable of dropping nastiness in faster than your opponent would like. Late game, smoke imp takes some of the pressure from exhaustion off your warlord. A lot of the bigger monsters either facilitate getting the others out of the deck, or make better use of what has already hit the board. Altogether it was a pleasure to play this deck and see cards your opponents had deemed unplayable flood your side of the board, and just proceed to destroy.

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Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:09 pm
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Post Re: Allisara - mm mm tentacles
Looks like a very fun deck to play. And a possible beast to play against. I wonder how it would stack up against my EE Stonefist Gargoyle Deck. *goes to hunt down the decklist for him.*


Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:40 pm
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Post Re: Allisara - mm mm tentacles
Interesting. I haven't thought about Epic decks since... Epic edition was a format.

I remember back then I played Jin Valford as a front-line Warlord. My list was something like this:

1 Jin Valford*
2 Warren Brood*
2 Leigh*
1 Edwann Ruthard*
3 Brother Dominy
3 Selai Yscar
3 Gladys Tynron

3 Aid
3 Thrust
3 Power Shot
3 Bear's Soul
3 Bloodthirsty
3 No Prisoners!
1 Lock in Death

3 War Mace
3 Improvised Shield
3 Gloves of Mercy
2 Whetstone
1 Scale Mail
1 Shadow of Murder
1 Ring of Piercing
1 Griffon of Misear

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Post Re: Allisara - mm mm tentacles
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Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:55 pm
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