Support the Temple
The Temple of Lore is paid for by Donations. While these things help offset the costs of running and operating the Temple, they do not fully cover the Temple costs. The admins cover any additional costs of running the Temple out of our own pockets. To keep this community up and running, we need your support.

You can donate to the Temple via PayPal. Click the link below to donate to the Temple.


We offer a few rewards as a little thank you for your support.

Pit Fight
The Pit Fight forum is a place where the rules are more relaxed and you have the option to disable the word censors on the forums. You can have access to the Pit Fight forum if you donate $50 or more to the Temple.

Special Username Color and Title
We also offer an incentive of granting a special color to your username and a unique title that is completely chosen by you. All you need to do is donate up to $100.